Fishing weekend Fête de la Pêche 2016


UNI Products will be at Terrebonne Québec Saturday June 4th, 2016 during the Fête de la Pêche weekend. We will give Fly tying classes. Come to see us





UNI-Thread 8/0 72 denier Fluorescent Green


8/0 UNI-Thread is the favorite fine fly-tying thread of fly –tiers all over the world. Noted for being exceedingly strong for its diameter.

It is used and recommended by many noted fly-tiers/authors such as Jack Dennis, Bob Lindquist, Dick Talleur and Paul Marriner. 8/0 UNI-Thread is made of continuous polyester filaments, slightly bonded, which ties flat on the hook and comes wax or unwaxed in 25 « hatch-matching » colours. Spools wound with either 50 or 200 yards of thread are available.

Available colours are: Black, Camel, Fluo.Orange, Fluo.Green, Green, Gray, Iron Gray, Doctor Blue, Dark Brown, Light Cahill, Olive Dun, Olive, Orange, Purple, Rusty Dun, Red, Fire Orange, Rusty Brown, Tan, White, Yellow, Pink, Chartreuse, Wine, Lt.Olive.

Combo packs of twenty (20) spools are also available for the 50 and 200 yds.



Axxel 6 Holographic Silver


AXXEL Flash is a flash material on a spool. It consists of six narrow strands of flash material interlaced with nylon micro-filaments for strenght. Fly-Tiers are still finding new uses for this UNI-Products material. For example, AXXEL Flash can be wound with other body material to add sparkle, separated into individual strands for the addition of just a touch of flash, or added to a standard wing. A combination package is available containing one spool of each colour. Available colours are: Black, Copper, Fuschia, Gold, Green, Pearl, Purple, Rainbow White, Rainbow Black, Royal Blue, Red, Silver Black, Silver.

NEW for 2005: Brown, Lt.Blue, Fuschia+Blue, Holographic Gold,

New for 2006: Peacock,

New for 2007 : Pink

New for 2016 : Holographic Silver



UNI-Stretch 30 vgs. Rusty Orange


Tired of having strands of floss separate and slide down the hook bend? An exclusive offering of UNI-Products, UNI-Stretch, will solve your problems. This stretch nylon material is easy to wrap, stays in place, and makes excellent underbodies as well. The White takes coloured markers very well so you can customize your patterns. The 30-yard spools come in 25 colours and the 20-spool combination package (combo) solves all those difficult colour choices. Colours available are: Black, Brown, Chartreuse, Chinese Red, Fuchsia, Green, Hot-Pink, Light Gray, Olive, Orange, White, Yellow, Green Highlander, Camel, Wine, Aqua Blue, Soft Pink, Light Olive, Pumpkin Orange, Purple, Red, Bright Yellow, Beige, Shrimp Pink and Rusty Orange (new 2016).



UNI-Mylar Holographic Gold 3 sizes


Tinsel users will appreciate the choices available in UNI-Mylar. Comes in 4 popular sizes, #10=1/16", #12=3/64", #14=1/32" and #16=1/64", in Pearl, Gold & Silver. Copper & Blue, Red & Green, Peacock & Orange. The Holographic Silver, Red, Black, Orange, Light Blue,  Chartreuse and Rainbow are availables in 3 sizes(10,12,14). In 2015 a UNI-Mylar #14 Clear, a twenty (20) spool combination of plain color and an other of holographic color were introduced to fill all mylar tinsel needs.The new UNI-Mylar Holographic Gold is just arrived....



UNI-Yarn Regulier Black/Camel


UNI-Yarn is a standard, 2-strand, twisted, acrylic fly tying yarn, spooled instead of carded for convenience and to reduce wastage. Amount on the full spool varies slightly with colour. UNI-Yarn comes in twenty-five colours: Black, Black/Camel,Burnt Orange, Brown, Bronze, Cream, Gold, Olive Green, Grey, Insect Green, Kelly Green, Khaki, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Light Yellow, Magenta, Olive, Orange, Purple, Pale Yellow, Red, Salmon, Sun Yellow, White, Wine. It is also available in Combo Pack of 20 spools.



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