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STROFT® Monofilament
UNI Products Inc., a world leader in supplying spooled fly-tying materials, announces that the company will be the North American distributor of STROFT® GTM, STROFT® ABR and STROFT® FLUOR monofilaments. STROFT® is manufactured by the German company Waku, a world leader in nylon fishing-line technology. STROFT® is a monofilament nylon that has been formulated and treated during production to produce a high-strength, controlled-stretch, material. A typical example is the 0.20 mm (.008", 3X) STROFT® with a strength of 4.20 kg (9.2 lbs). This is 30% stronger than some other popular high-strength nylons. STROFT® also provides superior knot strength. STROFT® GTM is produced using a multi-level tempering (heat-treatment) process to remove material stresses formed during extrusion, cooling, and drawing. Simultaneously, silicon and PTFE (a type of fluorocarbon) molecules are diffused into the surface to increase tensile strength and maintain suppleness. The extensive development behind this process yielded a product declared the overall best fishing line by a German body similar to Underwriter's Laboratory in North America. STROFT® GTM is the monofilament of choice for most fishing conditions. STROFT® ABR, the company's latest product, has increased abrasion resistance while maintaining the high strength characteristics of GTM. This remarkable result is achieved by tempering the monofilament under a high pressure. The pressure compresses the surface layer, producing a monofilament resistant to UV rays, scratches and coiling. Furthermore, the process improves wet tensile stress by reducing water adsorption. Clearly, STROFT® ABR is the monofilament line for anglers concerned about losing fish to weakened nylon as a result of rubbing against rough surfaces like rocks or piers. The STROFT will come in presentation of 25 m and 100 m, both in clear. Also have a look to an independant tippet shootout
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