UNI-Flexx 15 yds. Gold

UNI-Flexx is a fine elastic strand and comes in fifteen colors: Chartreuse, Yellow, White, Green Highlander, Royal Blue, Camel, Purple, Fushia, Orange, Red, Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Olive Dun, Phosphorescent White(Glow in the dark) and new 2013 Gold. A 20 spool combo of mixed colors is also available. The strand may be divided into even smaller strands if desired.

UNI-Flexx can be used for: "rubber" legs and skirts; some like it
as a floss replacement because it is much easier to handle; bodies of
small nymphs, larva, and pupa. The stretch permits the material to be
laid on the hook with a variety of tensions, thus reducing or avoiding
slippage. In many cases it is not the stretch which is most important,
rather the texture and stiffness and availability in a variety of
vibrant colours. Moreover, the material retains the original colour when
wet, unlike many others. As usual, uses are only limited by the tier's