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Damian's Fly

Recipe: Hook: Partridge HE2 Long Shank 2/0, with a Gut Eye. Tag: UNI-French Wire Extra-Small Silver, UNI-Floss Bright Yellow Tail: Golden Pheasant Crest Tail Veiling: Barred Woodduck Butt:Black Ostrich Herl Body: Rear third, UNI-Floss Bright Yellow , front two thirds, UNI-Mohair Green Highlander. Rib: UNI-French Twist Medium Silver Hackle: Palmered Spey style, Blue Eared Pheasant dyed Highlander Green Throat:Yellow Hen Saddle Hackle, veiled on each side a Long jungle cock eye. Wing: Married sections of Yellow, Orange and Green Turkey tail, and Lady Amherst Pheasant. Topping: Golden Pheasant Crest Head: UNI-Thread 6/0 Black Tied by Damian Lee Welsh

La Chapados

Recipe : Hook: Daiichi 2051 #3 or #7 or your choice of Atlantic salmon hooks Tag: UNI-French Oval Small Gold + Axxel-Mini Mystic Gold Tail: Golden Pheasant crest Butt: Black Ostrich Ribbs: UNI-French Oval Medium Gold Body: First 1/4 UNI-Strech Pumpkin Orange Ribb: Tie 1 orange Cock hackle at the second ribb position Body: Balance 3/4 of body tie equal mixture of Ice Olive dubbing and Green Highlander dubbing Throat: Orange Hackle Top Wing: 1 Pair of Tippets + 1 Pair of Fantom Pointe Jungle Cock Collar: Orange Cock Hackle Throat: Orange Cocktail Hackle, same orange colour as the body hackle Head: UNI-Thread 8/0 Black Tied by Lyne Trudeau

Munro Killer (Salmon fly)

Recipe : Hook: Partridge CS6 #3/0 Thread: UNI-Thread 8/0 White and Black Tag: UNI-French Oval tinsel Gold XS and UNI-Floss Orange Tail: Orange Topping Butt: Black Ostrich Body: UNI-Floss Black Rib: UNI-French Oval Tinsel Gold Medium Hackle: Orange rooster and Blue Guniea fowl Wing: Orange Tippet back-to-back married strands of yellow, orange and black swan, Speckled Bustard Bronze Mallard Orange Topping Sides: Barred Woodduck Tied by Hakan Karsnaser